“Get Ready for the LY-DI-YAH!!”

Nothing like a Lizzie Bennet Diaries reference to get things going – but my name is Lydia after all and I do share some personality traits with that wild, fashion loving, spontaneous, and perhaps slightly insane character.

When you’re a student who is looking for a job with practically no time, not even enough to pet the cat on your way out the door in the morning, it gets really tough to actually look the way you want to, or to be excited about any of the stuff in your closet. So I’m here to give anyone a little inspiration, express my own personal style, and show off all of the cool stuff I’ve found at thrift stores so my family doesn’t go crazy with my fashion blabber. That job is reserved for you 😉

Also, to all of my long distance friends – I miss you. But this blog should keep you updated on my life. Please comment to keep me updated on yours!

Thanks :*



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