The Little Things

I found this top one day a few years ago and only recently started wearing it – I do that too often with my clothes. I wait until it feels right, because it didn’t quite make me feel the way it did when I put it on in the store (which also happens to me a lot).

With thrift stores you just can’t return things, obviously, but I only spent $2 on this top so I decided to keep it.

Now I’m very happy with it. This tank top is the lightest of fabrics, perfect for this infuriating hot wave that is delaying the glorious return of fall and the wearing of pants. All I want is to be able to wear pants without dying in a puddle of my own despair. And sweat, of course.post1b

The little details in the embroidery make it unique, which makes me feel special. Who else is gonna have it or something like it? No one, because the stuff people wear these days is just too boring. Or ‘neutral’ so you can remix it. Either way, not my style. 😉

post1aaa The little ties on the shoulder are so cute, and again, they are a detail that makes it just a little more unique. I wore the top with a pair of black denim jean shorts guessed it! Another thrift store – for another measly $2.

Neutral colors, maybe. But the small details are what give me life. Like thrift stores. My point being that you can still wear neutrals and stand out and show your own style/personality.

Lydia :*




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