Riding the Heat Wave

As you may know by now, I am thoroughly fed up with heat. Whether it’s a wave, or just a solid week or two of humidity, I can not deal with it. Yes, I like to feel the sun on my back through a nice and greasy layer of white sunscreen so I don’t have to worry about getting yet another mole removed, but it just becomes too much after a while.

Thank goodness for my trip to Cape Cod with my girl Allie – even with the frizzy hair, sweaty armpits, and sunscreen grease, the week in the sun and salty sea air was so refreshing. The ocean really is magical – if you like having sand on your feet constantly (which I do for some reason).

Here are just a few photos from the trip – and some of my beach favorites.


I have a slowly but steadily growing hat collection, and my most recent purchase definitely ‘tops’ it all off (I crack myself up). This giant, floppy straw hat is really sturdy, and I found it at a boutique in Chatham. Once I put it on, I never took it off!

The sunglasses I got for a deal at a shop on Chatham’s main street as well – the round white frames are super fun and I am in love with them. I feel so retro but I think they kinda worked with the sundress and the hat.


Walking past shops is so hard – I want to go to all of them and spend all of my money . . . which isn’t too good. Still, I ended up buying a canvas tote bag with a fish print on it, because why not? It’s Cape Cod for goodness’ sake, and I got it for just $5.

My darling Allie let me borrow this sundress for our day out – I love it because it looks like an animal print at first glance, but when I realized it was actually a geometric print combined with that pink accent . . . I was completely sold.


Nothing makes me think of the beach more than a flowy sarong with a gorgeous and eye-catching print. It’s the perfect cover up for this ridiculously hot weather because it is so light weight and the way it blows in the ocean breeze makes you feel like a model at a professional photo shoot.

Allie, who is in this picture, made such a good choice with her nails, kind of a light and pearly pink that makes them look perfect even when they start to chip.


Annnd here I am again, sitting on an upturned boat on the artist’s beach. Classic. As you can see, I was taking no chances with sunburns on my shoulder and neck with that hat – but it makes for a good photo, no?

Have a lovely rest of your summer, even though it should be fall but the weather decided to stay at 90 degrees for an eternity.

Lydia :*


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