Thrift Store Tips

If you are anything like me, you love thrift stores. And if you’re not . . . I’m not really sure why you’re here but I will hopefully inspire your inner bargain hunter and fashionista to get out there into the great blue yonder (or should I say, great colorblocked/paisley/metallic/neutral yonder) and scope out the bargains. Because they’re there, even if you don’t see them.

#1: Own your body, because trust me, you look amazing already. It’s tough, I know. We are taught as we grow up to criticize all of the things that we don’t like about ourselves, and if we don’t see enough, our minds fabricate more. But honestly, if you have curves, you are gorgeous. If you are tall and thin, you are graceful and can pull off so many cool looks. If something doesn’t work for your particular body type, then don’t get discouraged. There’s a lot of thrift stores out there, and a lot of different brands, all in the same place.

#2: Completely disregard your size. I know, that seems silly because you’re always told that fit is the most important thing when it comes to buying clothes. And it is, but you have so many more options when you look through all of the clothes instead of just the mediums rack.

  • That extra large sweater could be styled as an oversize sweater with leggings, or could even be worn as a sweater dress. You could belt it to give you an hourglass figure.
  • Look in the small section for a tank top that you could use as a crop top – or sometimes extra large shirts can easily be cut off and become loose fitting crop tops.
  • Even if you want something well fitting, don’t confine yourself to the size that you know you are. Try on those jeans that are a few sizes too big – sometimes brands vary so much that they will fit. If not, you could also just style them as a relaxed pair of boyfriend jeans.
  • Flowy tops or dresses that are too big for you could be swimsuit coverups.
  • Jeans that are too long can either become cutoffs or can be rolled up and cuffed at the bottom for a cropped look.

See? You have endless options when you look through the entire store and think about what you can make out of the clothes.

#3: Try on anything and everything. If you are flipping through a rack and find a piece that makes you stop for a minute to debate if you want to try it on or not, try it on. Things look different on the hanger then they do draped across your own body, and since all clothes are different, trying on more things gives you more chances to discover something that looks really good on you! If a piece is outside your comfort zone but you still feel a slight pull, just go for it! Trying it on isn’t gonna hurt you. No one even has to see you in it. Just do it. You’ll thank me when that sequin top you were doubting but still liked actually defined your figure and fit like a glove.

#4: Don’t be afraid of a little DIY now and then. You can unleash your creativity, or just stick to tried-and-true tricks if you’re like me and run out of inspiration on a daily basis. :p

If you mess up, you didn’t even pay anywhere near full price for the clothes that you destroyed. That money is well worth practicing creativity and making stuff yourself.

  • Like a top but hate the sleeves? Cut them off. You can hem them if you need to, or just leave them be.
  • You can cut off jeans to make shorts at any length you want
  • You can cut up a beautifully patterned piece and use it as a scarf if you love the material and print but aren’t sure how to mix it into your wardrobe
  • Look for materials for a Halloween costume if you really feel like DIY-ing it up, because thrift stores are so much cheaper.

#5: Limit the number of pieces you buy at the checkout to the things you really love. Yes, try on and look through as many clothes as you have the stamina for, but when it comes time to decide what you’re actually going to buy, step back for a moment. Since prices are low, it can be very tempting to buy a whole new wardrobe every time you go out. But only buy the pieces that you absolutely love – don’t worry about if they will match what is in your closet or what other people are going to think about them. If you genuinely love what you get and go thrift shopping long enough, your style will become very defined and you will have no trouble creating outfits. Everything you own will be in your own style, so everything will go together seamlessly.

So don’t worry. Buy what your heart tells you to, and nothing else.

#6: Don’t skip accessories and jewelry. You’ll find cool stuff.

That’s all I have for today – I hope this helped people or at least made you smile a bit and bring you a little closer to climbing out of the pit of boredom that prompted you to read all of this. 😉

Have a lovely day! Lydia :*



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