Retro Edge

As far as being edgy, the extent of my ventures has been basically just leather jackets, heeled boots, and statement earrings – if you can even call that edgy. I’m too much of a goody-two-shoes to feel comfortable with myself when I’m wearing something in that style.

Yet, I still want to look like that from time to time. Combining a retro theme with the edginess almost makes it feel more preppy, which isn’t exactly my style either but at least I’m somewhere in between.

So, this is what I came up with for a Monday morning that just couldn’t decide if it wanted to be a humidity-blasting, sweat-drenching day or a chilly, dramatic September day.


Boyfriend jeans, thrifted for $5, are actually just jeans one size too big for me, but they do the job. A lightweight tank somewhere between a geographic and tribal print continues the monochromatic look, which helps to make you look taller even when wearing baggier pieces, like the jeans. (BTW I also thrifted the top in Georgia for just $2.)

I wore my hair in a simple pompadour, quite a vintage look, but also a bit ‘edgy’ (I probably only think that because it reminds me vaguely of a faux-hawk, but whatever). It’s super easy to do, just take a small section of hair on the top of your head, twist it around a few times, push it forward, and pin it with a bobby pin. Then put your hair in a ponytail like usual.


A white skinny belt is a great way to add some polish to an outfit like this, because it helps it to seem more put together. I didn’t actually thrift this one (IKR CRAZY WHO AM I ANYMORE) but I still love it. Plus, the gold matches one of my favorite pairs of statement earrings.


These weren’t thrifted either, but I did get them for $1.50 at a Black Friday sale. They were totally worth braving the hoards of screaming old ladies and aggressive dads that were in the stores with me.


Annnd once again here is a slightly different shot of my whole look for Monday. I hope everyone likes it!

Lydia :*


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