The Tri-Prom Dress Dilemma

Being relatively broke, I shop for my prom dresses at thrift stores. You’re guaranteed to find a dress that no on else will have, and you barely have to spend any money relative to expensive consulting stores.

But, as thrift stores are often a game of chance, I am always on the lookout for a fancy dress for an event, even several months in advance. Who knows if you’ll find what you want a few weeks beforehand? It’s like how everyone cringes on Say Yes to the Dress when a bride says her wedding is in a single month – and she hasn’t even begun to look at dresses yet.

So, a few months ago, I found this dress at a thrift store that was having a bag sale – it was just 50 cents.


It’s a nice periwinkle color with a sheer black overlay that has flowers and vines stitched in, but what I love and is difficult to see here is that there is silver thread woven into the design. It shines when you walk around! 😀 It’s floor length and mostly fitted all the way down.

I thought that would be my dress. But a month later, in a Salvation Army store, hanging on a rack with just a $6 price tag, was another dress.

It fit me like a glove. A sparkly, turquoise glove. I loved it and was pretty sure I’d wear it instead of my other dress (and really I’d only be out 50 cents) so I bought it.


It was the five spaghetti straps in a row on each side that sealed the deal. While the camera decided to make it look dull in this photo, the fabric is so shimmery that I just had to take another picture to show you what it looks like in real life.


There. Even more sparkly than the first dress – and still cheap and cute :).

Then, just yesterday, I was minding my own business and toddling around a gorgeous thrift store when I saw YET ANOTHER dress, hanging on the wall on display. It reminds me of Hermione’s dress from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – except without sleeves.


I don’t know which one to wear now…comment an opinion for me? It looks more brown in the photo here because….well I can’t really use a camera.

But here’s a photo of the rosy ombre effect at the bottom:


Annd a close up shot of the details because it’s my favorite part. It makes me feel so fancy, like I’m wearing some kind of custom-made, designer piece of cotton candy.


To top it off, here’s an artsy mirror pic to add to the surrealness I feel while wearing this dress.



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